Cover illustration: Paulina Ganucheau

Cover illustration: Paulina Ganucheau

What does it meant to be strong?

Pop culture heroines are strong not just because they fight villains, but because they deal with the same issues we face in real life—addictions, fears, traumas, and other struggles. And with the help of these characters, fans can find inspiration to overcome their own problems and be brave. In this book, Andrea Towers outlines some of the primary traits heroic women can rely upon, like resilience, self-acceptance, and confidence. Also included are insights from psychologists and personal anecdotes from courageous real-life women involved in all facets of pop culture.

Geek Girls Don’t Cry feels like an important and necessary addition to pop culture and academic canon about mental health and its explorations in fiction.” - Comicsbeat

“A soaring celebration of the healing power of female characters in fiction. Towers’s approach to analyzing the lessons we can take away from our favorite heroines, from Storm to Hermione to Wonder Woman, is helpful for those of us who look to fictional characters for help and courage.” - The Mary Sue


“In a market flush with biographical anthologies of awesome, powerful, and sometimes unknown women, Towers' book stands out. She puts the creative in creative nonfiction as she takes the biographical details of fictional female characters and associates them with various real-life issues to empower and comfort readers.” - Booklist (starred review)